Business Applications

An integral part of our self service solutions is the software that empowers their operation. We have developed a wide portfolio of business-ready applications based upon each industry’s individual needs and unique characteristics. In addition, we aimed to designing a beautiful, simple and friendly user interface.

The software application for our self service payment solutions. It adapts to the individual needs of each market segment and the kiosk it comes with. It can support bill payments, retail banking transactions, taxes & fines payments, retail shop payments and air time renewal.
PayApp identifies the user, accepts payments in cash and cards, returns change in cash and issues payment receipts. It also interacts and communicates with any back-office system and other central servers.
It, finally, features a powerful back-office admin menu, with access to quick reports, system tools and diagnostics.

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FillApp is the core client application built and designed exclusively for petrol stations that ensures the efficient operation of Unixfor's Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs).
It consists of an end-user part, which authenticates and interacts with customers, accepts cash and cashless payments, prints transaction receipts via optimum services flows.
It also features an admin password-protected menu than enables cash balance and cash replenishment procedures and provides quick report extraction and system tools and diagnostics.

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A powerful application inside our self service redemption solutions, Gaming Redemption App ensures successful operation of our URM Gaming Redemption Terminals.
It offers optimum service flows for purchasing or redeeming credits either in the form of a TiTo, or on an online account via a smart player card. Gaming Redemption App also offers automatic jackpot payouts, bill-breaking capabilities and lets administrators apply rules per transaction.
As all other available applications, Gaming Redemption App provides password protected admin tools to the gaming hall manager, with access to cash balance and cash replenishment procedures, detailed list of suspect transactions, other quick reports, system tools & system error diagnostics.

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Ticket Delivery core client application ensures fast and optimum interaction with the end-user via a user-friendly interface and the overall successful operation of the OTT One series of Ticket Vending Machines. It supports prepaid and pre-reserved ticket printing & delivery.

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Ticket Purchase & Delivery core client application is the second application of our ticketing software. Using the same user-friendly interface, it supports the successful operation of the OTT Cashless, OTT Compact & OTT Plus series of our Ticket Vending Machines.
It supports prepaid and pre-reserved ticket printing & delivery, as well as new ticket purchase & delivery. Available payment methods – depending on the kiosk used – are credit/debit cards, banknotes and coins.

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