Total Care Platform

Unixfor's Total Care is a ground-breaking remote monitoring & management platform that accompanies every self service project. Dedicated to our commitment for continuous development and use of innovative methods, Unixfor responds to contemporary needs with this ultimate web-based application that:

  • works on any web browser
  • requires no plugins
  • is designed to support unlimited users
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Network & System Configuration:
  • guided setup for all processes
  • ease to handle unlimited kiosks
  • granular security configuration
  • multi-company support
Online Monitoring & Messaging:
  • realtime detection and identification of any possible problems or failures a specific kiosk is facing
  • complete control and the chance to prevent any malfunction issues
  • significant decrease of response time and cost of problem investigation and resolving
  • effective on-site problem resolving and properly equipped technicians
Remote Management Tools:
  • Repair, recover and troubleshoot any possible issues from a central location, so as to significantly reduce on-site visits.
  • Perform file transfer, change of configuration or capture and display a screenshot
  • Remotely install new software releases on the entire or any part of the kiosk network ensuring smooth operation and best possible services for the end users.
  • Reduce the reaction time, hence the time the unit will be unavailable. Maximizing Availability time equals less cost and more profit.

For any additional information regarding Total Care Platform, do not hesitate to contact us!