Self Service Electronic Card Dispensing

Nowadays, throughout our personal or business lives we use different types of electronic cards as a means of identification, payment or access. This massive quantity of cards need to be dispensed or renewed in short intervals, thus occupying valuable time and resources.

Our new powerful self service solution for complete process automation in issuing and/or renewing of eID cards is a major step forward in terms of freeing up resources for the organization and minimizing bureaucratic procedures for the end-users. The following are just some of the industries that can benefit:

Public Sector
Post Offices
Large Corporations

Build your solution with:


Our self service kiosk for dispensing and/or renewing eID cards.

Total Care Platform

The ultimate software for remote monitoring & management of your installed self service network

Self Service Solution

SmartNET Framework

A high-level collection of software components, emulators and device drivers, in order to help you minimize development effort

Consulting & Developer Training

Supporting partners, through consulting and training sessions on our Kiosk Application Development Framework

Secure issuing or renewing of:

  • Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards
  • Corporate ID Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Member/Loyalty/Fleet Cards
  • Driver's License
  • Civil ID Cards
  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Border-crossing Cards

Solution Functionality:

  • User Identification - via RFID/NFC Reader, Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, On-Screen Keyboard, Physical Keyboard or Numpad
  • Old Card Scanning & Verification- when renewing
  • New Card Issuing - ECDS prints and encodes any CR-80 sized card
  • New Card Verification - secure scanning for quality control
  • New Card & Receipt Delivery - the transaction is verified
  • Old Card Cancellation - via the integrated punching mechanism
  • Forgotten Card Retraction - for safety reasons, in case the user forgets to collect the newly issued card

ECDS: Card Dispensing Kiosk

Self Service Electronic Card Dispensing

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