Self Service Ticketing

Unixfor offers a wide variety of self service solutions to cover ticketing demands in various industries. Choose the one that fits your - and your clients' - needs best. See. below, our supported markets.

Parking Lots
Parking Lots

Build your solution with:

Ticket Vending Machine

Select the appropriate ticketing kiosk, from our wide range of offerings

Total Care Platform

The ultimate software for remote monitoring & management of your installed self service network

Self Service Solution

Ticketing Apps

Business-ready applications for Ticket Delivery or Ticket Purchase & Delivery, tailored to your requests

Customization & Integration Services

We'll make sure to fine-tune, integrate and finalize the solution, based on your existing infrastructure

Payment Cards
Accepts Credit, Debit & Prepaid Cards
Cash Payments
Accepts Cash
Change Return
May Return


Uptime %

Indicative Installations

Ticket Vending Machines

Our ticket kiosk family "TicketMaster", based on future-proof quality manufacturing, offers a variety of features and options to best suit any business and satisfy any ticketing project, no matter what the ticketing segment it belongs may be:

Our Ticketing Kiosk Solutions fulfill the needs for partial or complete process automation, by accepting multiple payment methods and delivering paper tickets of various types, sizes and technologies!
Functionality OTT Cashless OTT Compact OTT Plus
Ticket Delivery
Ticket Purchase with Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards
Ticket Purchase with Cash
Returns Change Coins Banknotes & Coins
Dual printer option
Benefits for the customer
  • Increase revenue by operating 24/7
  • Expand your presence geographically
  • Use our solutions as an additional or individual service channel
  • Reorganize personnel to improve efficiency
  • Improve your company's image
Benefits for our partner
  • Expand your portfolio range with Self Service Solutions of unbeatable quality
  • Offer to your clients the ultimate value for money choices
  • Have the ability to offer bespoke, tailor-made Self Service Solutions even for a small number of units
  • Take advantage of our wide portfolio range that covers multiple industries
  • Collaborate with a company with 35 years of Self-Service expertise & experience

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